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This is Clean Orange, an extremely lightweight layout I designed with maximum versatility in mind. It adapts perfectly to different user-set font sizes and window sizes, and uses no images for the layout. It's valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and uses valid CSS. It has been tested in:

This layout degrades flawlessly with CSS turned off, so content will still appear as intended on mobile phones and (very) old browsers.

As far as usage goes, feel free to modify, use, and re-upload this design as much as you want, but please keep the text "[original] design by BC Design" in the footer, and - if you're nice - link to my site,

Here's some sample code: this_is = function() {
sample_code = this;
echo sample_code;
I recommend using a good code highlighter if you want to put code up online, try Star-Light or Chip.